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Our Mission

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Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten is committed to providing a nurturing learning environment, making school a happy and safe place to be – like a second home.  SP aims at developing the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth through developmentally appropriate learning activities. We look to achieve the following:

To grow independent and active learners who will engage, ask questions and explore the world and people around them.

To nurture confident and independent children that will make positive decisions throughout their education and their life.

To create world citizens who will play critical roles in their local community and the world.

To be confident in their language, academic and physical skills which they can use to live in their community and the world.

To ensure the children have a smooth transition when they leave Kindergarten to start the next level of their primary education in either; International School, Japanese School or Thai School with English Programs. 

We look after the children who are the future, and in turn, one day will look after us.

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Seeh Phinong believes that:

- Each child is unique and deserves opportunities to make choices, to develop independence, and to receive reinforcement when successful.

- In providing a nurturing environment in which the child can be safe, can explore, and can be challenged to develop to his/her optimum potential.

- All teaching staff should be role models for children and should plan learning activities appropriate for each age level.

- Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life and should be included as partners in planning for the child’s growth and development while at school.