Kun Varavut Wongwise  Director

Kun Varavut Wongwise


Kun Nuthavut Wongwise  Director

Kun Nuthavut Wongwise



In 1976…

Seeh Phinong was founded by Mrs. Churi Wongvises as a Thai nursery for the family, and for the local community of Thonglor. It was founded to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for early years children.

Being a prominent figure in the Thai community, Mrs. Churi Wongvises was the chairwoman of the Thai Woman’s Association as well and the Chair Woman of Assumption Convent. Mrs Churi Wongvises was devoted to her community and wanted to provide Early Years Care and Education to children. Being a parent herself these aspects were extremely important to her.

Mrs Churi’s philosophy was for the kindergarten to be considered ‘a second home’ to the children, a place where families and friends could connect and feel confident about leaving their precious ones in Seeh Phinong’s care. The kindergarten is fortunate to have had children whose very own parents started their own educational journey at SP.

Mrs. Churi Wongwise’s son, Mr. Varavut Wongvises who was the Chief Executive Officer at Jalapratan Cement Manufacturing and Board Director of Asia Trust Insurance, joined the Kindergarten as director in 1997.

As time continued on the school grew, and in 1997 Mr Wongvises decided to expand the school into three sections to cater to the children and families in Thonglor. The International Section, the Japanese Section, and a Thai Section.

Mr. Wongvises wanted to provide education to the local and expat communities alike, to educate not only in their own cultures, but also integrate them into Thailand’s true culture, customs, and traditions. This way the parents and children from other countries would be provided with an honest representation of Thai culture within their international education while attending Seeh Phinong.

Mr. Varavut Wongvises mission for the school is for the teachers to identify what is good and special in each individual child and nurture these qualities within them, to ensure when they take the next step up in their educational journey, they are ready and confident in their own abilities.

Today, Mr Varavut Wongvises works with his son Mr Nuthavut Wongwises to oversee the now two sections of the Kindergarten and look after the staff and children within it.

Over the years, the family members have all helped and worked to build the Kindergarten into what it is today, an International Kindergarten with children and families from different backgrounds and parts of the world, and a loyal team, forming the strong Seeh Phinong staff family. Some of the staff have been with us at SP for over 30 years!

The future for SP…

As time changes and technologies and expectations from parents and Education institutions grow, we will continue to evolve and adapt, to continually uphold and improve our standards.

We have been introducing iPad learning to our K2 and K3 students to supplement their phonics and math, to ensure that when they enter into their formal primary education, they will have the knowledge and understanding to use technology safely. 

Ultimately, SP looks to provide a safe, fun and educational home for children, to help them grow, and to enjoy life while learning all about the world and its many wonders.