We are fortunate at SP to have space in such a crowded city like Bangkok. Not many central kindergartens can offer such areas for children to run around in, exercise and play in right here in Thong Lor. City life can be a little restrictive for children to play outside in safe environments, especially at such a young and influential age. Part of the central ethos at SP is that children learn and play outside using their bodies as much as possible. A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy mind!



Swimming pool

The children have supervised use of our school swimming pool where they have lessons from our instructors while the classroom assistants and a homeroom teacher is present to provide support.

Living in a country where there are there is a lot of access to pools and the beach we consider it necessary and a life skill that children learn to swim, therefore it is part of our curriculum that they get lessons once a week as part of the class schedule. We also offer after-school swimming classes too at an extra cost.

*Please see our after school activity section.

Paddling pool

To help and encourage our younger children who have had less exposure to the swimming pool, we have a paddling pool which we use to help introduce the children to the feeling of getting wet, splashing, kicking and playing with fun water toys. This way we are able to build up their confidence in the water ready for learning to swim in the big pool.

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We have a large sandpit which they play and create in, using their imaginations to build and make what they want either playing individually or with their friends working in teams. This is a good time for our teachers to observe the bonds that the children are making when they are playing, if they are sharing the toys and how the children interact with each other. The children learn that it is ok to get a little sandy, have some fun and how to clean the toys and themselves afterwards to keep thing tidy and look after them for the next class to play with.

Water play pool

Like the sandpit, we have a shallow mini pool that the children can experiment and play in. They are supervised by a homeroom teacher and classroom assistants while the children paddle and play with toys. This is a fun time for the children to learn pouring skills, what floats and what sinks and have some time to use their imagination while playing with their friends.

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multiple play grounds

We are fortunate to have two outdoor playgrounds. These provide large sheltered spaces for the children to exercise, run and play with their friends when enjoying outdoor games, playtime with outdoor toys and PE classes. We love outdoor play at SP and encourages the children to play outside with all the toys and apparatus that we have.

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Part of the school’s initiative to keep your child health we like the children to run a few short laps around the playgrounds in the mornings before they start classes. This especially applies to the upper years' classes. The layout of the classrooms and playgrounds allows for this and the children to run and have fun. We also encourage our staff to join to keep them tiptop condition!

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Again, because we have a great space at SP, we have a marked-out bike track for the children to learn how to cycle. We provide helmets, tricycles and bikes with training wheels. Once the children feeling are confident in their ability, they can move on to learning on two wheels. The children are supervised at all times, and the Teachers and Teaching Assistant will be there to help.


Our Library is full of age-appropriate books. Here is where the Homeroom Teacher can spend time reading to the children and showing them the importance of books and reading.  The children get the opportunity to choose a book to take home every week to read with their parents.

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