Everyday at SP

The school day

The school day starts at 8.30am each day and ends at 2.30pm. Throughout the week our children will take part in lots of different fun, engaging and educational activities. Depending on their age group, their homeroom teacher will work with them building on their vocabulary, letter recognition, phonics and number recognition. The teachers work to help and inspire your child’s imagination, and creative side flourish in these classes too. They children also take part in art, science, geography and language classes, all of which will open up the world to your children and will ignite their intrigue and encourage them to ask questions about their world and more.

being physically active

As we are in the city and it is very difficult for children to get outside play and exercise regularly, we provide Physical Education, Swimming, Biking, Outdoor Play, Sand and Water Play and Move Smart classes throughout the week to combat this. We love children being active!

communication while at school

At SP we have an ‘use our English’ rule for all the students and staff. We want to make sure that all the children are communicating together, and that no one is left out while chatting in class or playing in the playground. This applies to the staff too, who will communicate in English to the children.

We appreciate that there are children who have little to no English, and we will make acceptations for them, but also teach and encourage them to use as much English as we can. Their Homeroom Teacher and Teaching Assistant will be there to support and guide them.  We are here to help!

communication between staff and parents

We are big on communication at SP. We like parents to know what is happening in school and what their children have been doing throughout the school day. We use a dedicated app, which is great for sending class updates from the homeroom teachers, pictures and private messages to parents, as well as school notifications and updates from the Head of School, School Office and the School Nurse. You can keep up to date with what is happening and coming up on the near future.