We base what we teach in our classes on the British EYFS, National Curriculum and American Creative Curriculums, which looks at the fundamental areas in children’s early years' education.

Our Teaches will take from and adapt this curriculum to their class and individual student’s needs, based on their learning requirements. We will strive to build the children’s confidence in these main areas through all the planned classes and activities we provide.

The areas of learning development are:

Personal, Social and Emotional development - In this area the children are helped to develop in making positive relationships, growing their self-confidence and self-awareness and finding ways to manage their feelings and behaviours in positive ways.

Physical Development - Children are encouraged to challenge themselves physically to help develop their gross motor skills and try different physical activities. Children are also taught how to look after their health and their belongings, helping them to be independent and make healthy choices.

Communication and Language - When learning languages, the children will be in an environment, listening to the words around them and engaging in conversations, and following instructions which will help to develop their vocabulary, speech and understanding.

Literacy - The children start from the early years to identify the letters of the alphabet, sounding them out. As they grow, they will begin to put these sounds and letters together to form words; in the next development level they will then go onto reading and write these words.

Mathematics - Through games and activities, the children will start to identify the numbers and count; this will be done alongside learning about shapes, space and measuring. As they grow older, they will be introduced to simple mathematics.

Understanding the world - Through different activities, the children will learn about the community they live in, and the people and things that share the world with them.

Expressive Art and Design - Through different types of media, they safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. Also, through music, dance and stories, the children will use their imaginations to create ideas and bring them to life.

Additionally, Physical Education, Swimming and Music, Thai Language, Arts and Culture, Japanese Language, Arts and Culture are parts of the weekly program from Nursery to K3.  We have an iPad class to supplement phonics and math for our K2 and K3 students, and these students are also learning the melody horn. 

We also believe that children learn through play, being physically active and through creativity. It has been proven time and time again that letting children learn phonics, maths, English etc. through play-based and creative activities helps their development, emotionally and socially and educationally. This helps them ready themselves for the world and grows their confidence to deal with their learning and situation.

We aspire, and our goal is for your children to have the confidence not only to answer questions but to ask questions, be curious about life and their surroundings when socialising with their peers and families.